Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tested to the limit.

We all are created by god, and we all matter to him. No one is a nobody. Satan try's to make us not feel important. We all are special and unique. We all have a unique purpose of why we are here. All of our trials are for a purpose, we all have different strengths and weaknesses that need to be tested. we are given trials to make us stronger they are not always easy but they are for our benefit. If we endure these trials we are promised we will be blessed and strengthened. -- my notes today in young womens.
I know lots of us lately has had our faith tested and our standards tested. I know that I have had my standards and faith tested. In the past month I have struggled a lot with what I know is right and what I know is wrong. People have tried to tare me down and lower my standards and at times I have just wanted to so they could leave me alone but my  heart was telling me what was right and I had to follow it and I did and now I feel like a nobody. I feel as if I should just do what the world is doing, but I can't. I could just never could. People tell me they are proud of me for doing what's right but why am I feeling so unhappy and not happy with the right choice I made. A LOT of people in this world don't care what they do but people are really always watching. I have seriously just been so down lately because I did what was right but yet I don't feel anything. I don't feel proud of myself like I should but today I learned I need to be courageous in every right choice I make.
Don't ever lower your standards for anyone. If that's what they want of you they are NOT worth it. A good person will help you raise your standards to help you become better and not worse. I know that I have these trials to help me be stronger and I know I am a unique individual. I have a purpose here on earth. Keep friends who really care about you and try to help you. Take the time to look around to see who is worth keeping around. I have done that lately and I know they are people who really care about my future and want to help me through almost everything. wow... there is so much on my mind that I don't think any of this makes sense but here are more thoughts. 
Have you ever just wanted to jump in a car and just leave and get out alone? haha I have wanted to do that all week!! just leave town and get out. Do what you want to do and go where you want to go with no one to tell you which way. I do have to thank a friend that I  have... He is always willing to help me and he is ALWAYS proud of the good choices I make in life. He's the one that I can talk to for 2  hours on the phone about anything. He's the one that is there when I cry he knows what I'm feeling. He's what you call a REAL best friend!! I know that he will definitely be in my future!  No matter what mistake I make he doesn't care. He looks at you the same and doesn't think of you any less. I have kinda been in denial of that lately because I really didn't think he cared about me but until that friend was gone for a while and I didn't have him to call when I wanted to give up on everything I knew what he would say if I called him. I  have such amazing people in my life. I have a hero. He is on his mission. That's my brother. He's been gone for 5 months and I have NO IDEA how I have made it his long with out his advice and support. He has just become district leader and no letter came this week. I have been kind of down and I have had no one to share my feelings with but I got down on my knees and just asked my heavenly father if I could just talk and just tell my father in heaven everything that has been going on. I truly felt he was listening. I knew he felt what I was going through. All my hopes, dreams, fears, frustrations. If you don't have anyone to talk to just get on your knees and talk to your heavenly father. He is your best friend. He does care. He loves you and will NEVER let you down!!
   Well that's my in site for like the past week. ENJOY!

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  1. You made me cry! Karlee I love you your the little sister I never had! I know I should be a better friend to you but just know I will always be her for you! I am so proud of you! And I know Ryan loves you too