Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't give up.

Don't let your character change color with your environment. Find out who you are and let it stay its true color.
Ever feel like you don't know who you are yet?
Ever feel like you can't be your true self?
Ever taken life for granted and wish you never did?
How did you change it?
Who are you?
What has made you who you truly are?
I often ask myself these questions all the time and some of them I still have no idea... I don't think I have really figured out who I am yet... all I know is that I am a daughter of God!
People often ask me for advice and help with trials they are going through and I give them advice but I wonder why I can't give the same advice to myself. I'm always look up to someone to give me the things I need to hear. After Sunday school today I really thought of why I am here and why I need to keep living righteously.
To finish my course I MUST: Trust god with & through everything, language, keep eyes heavenward, focus on my Savior, live the words of the prophets. 
I can't wait to keep living life to the fullest and to keep finding new things to improve and work on. I love my Savior with all my heart! 
I can't wait to keep discovering new friendships and talents. I hope we all can not be scared to share our talents. Reach out to those who need help discovering theirs and learn from it.  
I have a friend who is helping me through so many things in life right now where I have days where I just can't keep doing it. I cant keep trying hard all day everyday but he always says don't give up! so every day that I am feeling the courage to give up and I know that I don't want to keep pushing myself his word keep coming into my mind, "Don't give up!". If you are doing something that you don't think you can achieve of be then I challenge you to tell yourself don't give up!! I think about the future of if I did give up and I think about where I would be if I had given up... I wouldn't be where I am today.  
Be a friend to everyone. No matter if they are different then you, less athletic then you, skinnier or heavier than you, different skin color, different family situations or whatever it may be that makes you different don't be scared to be different! Different is amazing! It's good to be different. Being different means you don't blend in with the crowd you know that your special in some way. Keep trying to make new friends. When ever I hear at school how one girl can't be friends with another girl is because she's not rich like her, she doesnt have a boy friend, she doesnt have the same clothes, she doesnt have sex, she doesn't smoke. Well this goes out to every girl who gets hurt because their not one of those. Im very proud of you if you don't have sex and smoke!! that just means your not throwing your life away for something less. If you don't have the right kind of clothes that doesnt matter. Just keep smiling and have courage to be yourself and different. If your not rich like the other girl who cares. Money doesn't buy happiness. What buys happiness is being happy for what you have and not being selfish. These are the types of girs who I look up to very much. Those who can stick up for their standards even if they are being judges and accused. Keep staying strong. Keep having faith. Keep your eyes heavenword and think of in the end it will all be worth it. Find friend who will support you and stick up for what you believe. If you have fiends that judge you because your not like them then obviousy their not right for you. 
I know a lot of people who are judged because they don't have sex, they don't do drugs. But to all of those of you who judge someone because they don't do that, maybe you should be looking at yourself and thinking if what your doing is right. Those who have courage to stick up for themselves they know where that will take them and they say no even though they are persecuted and hated. I'm sorry if this all sounds rude and stuff but I see this way to much with some of my friends and it hurts more than anything to see someone get persecuted because they stood up for their standards. It takes me back to when Joseph Smith was wanting to find the right church and when he did he got so much crap and to think of people still doing it I can't help but feel pain for those who are hated for their belief.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I live, I love, I laugh, I cry. Im not perfect. No one is, not you or I.

This week I have learned a lot. I learned why most girls can't let go of a guy in their life... Partly because they were there for them through the hardest times and they can't let go of that and move on. I learned that about myself. Yes it is hard to move on but I have also learned that high school isn't for being stuck with one person. Most likely that guy won't be the one you marry.. I have also learned a great deal about the atonement in my life. Being forgiven isn't always easy but if you just do the hard steps first everything after that is easy. I am so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and for all that he did for me!! Next is I am thankful to know that families are forever. When my grandma passed away a few weeks ago I had a hard time with it and as soon as I thought families are forever as long as everyone does their part and tries to be better. I'm glad I can be with my family forever and I know I was put in this family for a reason. If I didn't have them my life would be soooo boring!!!! (: This year has been one of the best and hardest years of my life so far! A lot of things have changed me for the best! I have made SO many new friends that are amazing and influence me to do the best. I have a lot of hard classes this year to prepare me for MATC and internships for next year. Thinking and re searching about colleges and scholarships. I've had to learn to forget about some people and move on with my life.It's funny how a lot of people just walk in your life when they want and just leave when they feel like it."Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" this quote has stuck with me ever since I was little when I watched A Cinderella Story. No matter what is hard in life whether it be crappy friends who don't treat you right, or a guy who disrespects you or a friend holding a grudge. Move on if they don't treat you right then they shouldn't be in your life. I'm so grateful for my sisters & sister in law because they just tell me what I need to hear flat out. They tell me straight up if I need to let go of a friend or a guy. I love all those who don't beat around the bush about advice. I wish I could be like a lot of amazing girls in this world. Keep smiling no matter who or what is holding you back from love or dreams. Follow your heart. Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart. Once I followed my heart and it literally CRUSHED me. But.... then I realized I was following my head. Really listen to your heart. Don't be afraid of what your heart is telling you. If you love someone and your heart tells  you it is right then GO FOR IT. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that they aren't right for you. Don't listen to those who tell you, you have no idea what your doing. Trust me I regret that a lot!!  There is one more thing that I can't stress enough. Girls... please just be yourself. If a guy can't take you for who you are as a daughter of God and someone who believes in standards and keeping them high then don't take that guy. Give him up. Be yourself. Don't lower your standards for someone who doesn't care enough to help you raise them! I did that and let me tell you it was hard but I did it and after I knew in my heart that what I did was right. Please don't believe someone if they tell you that what you did was wrong. 
       That was my thoughts for the past little while. kind of depressing but hey at least im writing on here (: